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April 29, 1999

"The personal computer has had an impact on society and individuals like no other computing product in the evolution of computing...Yet, there are many indicators that the PC is being subjected to disruptive forces similar to those that decimated the earlier eras of computing," the report says. Read more of this cnetnews.com and cnetnews. com (second quote)

April 29, 1999

The study, by 4th Wave Inc., predicts that U.S. sales of such appliances -- including cellular phones, television set-top boxes, video-game systems and handheld computers used to access the Web -- could grow to $28 billion by 2009 from about $1 billion in 1999. That represents about 400 million units sold in the U.S. by 2009, or several for each household. Read more of this Wall Street Journal Interactive article.

April 28, 1999

4th Wave, Inc. has released the only comprehensive analytical strategic assessment of the Information Appliance (IA) market and it predicts continuing difficult times for the PC. The result of a multiclient effort, the Information Appliance Market Study goes beyond just Information Appliances and examines what it describes as the fifth era of computing. This emerging market will completely shape computing in the 21st century. The report looks out to 2009. Read more of this PR Newswire story.


The study which underlies this report was a multiclient effort and provides conclusions and data from over 600 tables, graphs, and charts. The study and it's participants quickly came to the conclusion that the market transition was not just about Information Appliances but the emergence of the 5th era of computing.


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